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OGGI 5’s founder, Olivier Goureau, has spent his life connected to the international world of women’s fashion. In thirty years of experience working between Paris and New York, Olivier’s French boutiques have thrived by integrating classic and modern fashion ideals.


OGGI 5 Boutique is Olivier’s new venture, with a fresh bright perspective on the latest trends and a special vision for the future. His unique position, living and working between Europe and New York, resulted in an eclectic mix of influences and an excellent eye for detail. By traveling the world, OGGI 5 draws inspiration from cosmopolitan cities and the vogues exhibited by the women that fill their streets. Each product’s design is linked to a story – insights from a business trip or a captivating moment during an Italian excursion – and in turn each takes an episode as muse.


Separating OGGI 5 French Boutique from its competitors is an intelligent and authentic European approach to creating products, which takes place in Milan, Florence, and Paris. Each exquisite detail bears equal importance and master craftsmen meticulously ensure their quality, employing time-honored local methods for treating leather and haute couture construction. Olivier believes that such high-quality accessories should not cost the heavens. Remarkable affordability, accessibility, and service are integral to OGGI 5’s business model.

Welcome to OGGI 5 French Boutique for Fashion & Designs

The founder and CEO of OGGI 5 is an imaginative Frenchman, Olivier Goureau. With a gift for understanding what makes a woman elegant, amplified by thirty thrilling years of international experience, Olivier is the expert reference for French and Italian fashion. Today, with so many clothing stores that lack original taste and inspiration, OGGI 5 keeps its unique boutique style.

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