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The creator and CEO of "OGGI 5" is an imaginative Frenchman, Olivier Goureau. With a gift for understanding what makes a women elegant, amplified by thirty thrilling years of international experience, he is the expert, the reference, choosing outstanding trending French and Italian fashions for his retail empire. Olivier's bi-annual shopping sprees, scouring secret sources in Paris, watching the stunning fashion shows in Milano, gives him a unique vision to buy, while constantly considering the taste of his loyal clients in America.
He chooses Italian bespoke bags built with the finest craftsmanship. His commitment is to sell an haut couture style of women’s wear at surprisingly affordable prices. Clients leave his stores feeling like a million dollars.
His employees are stylists, armed with years of experience and communication degrees. This allows them to follow in his footsteps, and advise women as to the ultimate look for each individual. Today, with so many homoginized clothing stores, “OGGI 5” aims at keeping it's boutique style for every store, with personalized service. Devoted customers await with anticipation for each new season. Bravo Mr. Goureau!


365 Greenwich Ave.

Greenwich, CT 06830